uRoute your intelligent routing assistant

uRoute assist drivers in planning and optimising their route during deliveries. Our artificial intelligence engine will automatically map out the best route to complete your deliveries while recommending you new jobs to take up on the way, maximising your capacity and efficiency.

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What We Do

Let uRoute assist you

Optimised multi-points routes

uRoute will automatically choose the best route based on your delivery points.

Flexibility to Reroute

uRoute is here to assist and not commend you. Have the flexibility to change your route based on personal or customers’ last minute request.

Bulk upload your delivery locations

Time is precious, don’t waste time entering locations one by one, upload all the locations at once using excel. Excel can read your fields

Trusted by dispatchers managing 40k drivers

Trusted by dispatchers managing 40k drivers




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Our Features

uRoute offers increasing number of features for complex enterprise level deliveries requirements with the core optimisation engine. The first driver is forever free!

  • Optimised Route Planning

    Just drive. Don’t waste time planning where to go next

  • Fleet Management

    Manage a fleet of drivers and have a optimised route for each driver.

  • Track

    Always know where driver is at and when is the arrival.

  • SMS Alerts

    Customised SMS with your corporate brand/logo to inform recipient of incoming deliveries

  • Reschedule deliveries

    Reroute your deliveries due to changes in customer schedule

Delivery Route Planner
Fleet Management
  • Fixed Route for Drivers

    Assign a fixed area of deliveries to your driver based on postal codes

  • SWAP Drivers

    Swap the delivery to another driver for any last minute changes easily

  • Spreadsheet Import

    Upload using Excel file instead of keying in manually

  • API Integration

    Integrate your ordering system with ours to flow the deliveries automatically

  • Customized Waybill

    Shows your corporate brand and logo

  • Proof of delivery

    Save POD for retrieval of delivery history. Digital Signature and Photos are included.

Our Pricing Plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the delivery history be available in my account?

You will be able to view the delivery history data for 12 months from the delivery request date. It will be archived after 12 months.

What happens to my Add-on Agent plan if I cancel my subscription?

Removing the Base Plan will also cancel your uRoute Agent-Addon plan because these are Tier 1 products that set the foundation for your Agent-Add On Plan. Your Agent-Add On Plan will Expire on the same day that your Base Plan ends

Do I get any refunds for cancellation?

Unfortunately, we do not refund any cancellations. You are allowed to use the service until your subscription ends.

How do I assign a fixed route or region for my driver?

You can add a region and then add a postal code to that region. After that, you can assign a driver to this region.

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