Sale of food items for home business part 1

Dec., 20 2021

Ever wanted to start your own business but don’t know where to start? Here’s a summary of what you should know. To get started, you don’t need URA’s approval. Your premises must be primarily for residential and business activities and not cause inconvenience to your neighbours.

According to URA, home based businesses should follow regulations as such:

  1. Home based businesses are not to employ third parties other than family members
  2. No form of advertisements to be displayed at residential premises.
  3. No extraneous traffic should be introduced to the site, nor should there be any adverse impact to the neighbourhood and the living environment, such as, noise, smoke, smell, litter, effluent or dust nuisances or danger posed to surrounding residents.
  4. No usage of heavy equipment or appliances that are not for domestic use.
  5. No large-scale storage or frequent loading and unloading of goods or using the premise as a distribution centre.
  6. Goods sold must comply the Singapore Food Agency’s (SFA) food and hygiene regulation.

More information about SFA regulation will be in the next blog post next week.

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