Delivery Smart Sharing

Delivery Smart Sharing 

Team up with other drivers

Smooth out your demand when you have too many to deliver and do the routes most profitable for you. Share your deliveries to uParcel platform for other drivers to deliver for you.

If you need to deliver your items urgently, but no drivers are available. You can always outsource the deliveries to the uParcel marketplace. This way you can get the delivery job completed in no time. All you need to do is to sign up for a uParcel customer account and set up uRoute API to your uParcel account. This way, anytime you are having a shortage of drivers, especially during peak festive periods, you can assign jobs directly from the uRoute account to the uParcel marketplace.

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Get more jobs on uParcel Platform

Accept more jobs on uParcel that you can complete more efficiently than others.

Assign jobs to uParcel marketplace that is out of your driver's way. Accept jobs that are on the same route as your driver on the uParcel marketplace to increase profits and cover the running delivery costs.


Get recommended more jobs

Integration with uParcel platform allows jobs to be recommended based on your route and capacity

Your drivers can focus on jobs that are more profitable. uRoute helps to reduce their planning time by 95% and increase their productivity in doing deliveries rather than figuring out the best routes to their destination.


Same Platform

Don’t worry when you outsource your jobs to uParcel marketplace. Our route optimizer and app algorithms are built on the uParcel platform and used daily by our own delivery fleets to deliver on-demand in Singapore and Malaysia - Trusted by over 10,000 drivers. We deliver only the best system to you.

Experience High ROI and seamless driver management with uRoute Optimizer. Our route optimizer will enable your team to plan to capacity, maximising your delivery fleet's efficiency.

Delight Your Customers With Fast Deliveries & Accurate ETAs