Fixed Routes for Drivers

Fixed Routes for Drivers

The ‘Fixed Routes’ feature is one of the popular and main features that was created in consideration to meet the needs of our customers. Based on postal codes, you can easily assign your driver to a certain delivery region or zone. This way you can easily schedule their working days and job assignment based on their region assignment.

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What is 'Fixed Routes for Drivers'?

Drivers will be assigned routes based on their region (e.g. East, West, North, South). For instance, if a driver stays in the East and prefers to deliver nearby, you can key it under his job list. With this, uRoute will automatically help to optimise and create a fixed route for his base on his region.

Only delivery to the designated region will be made by the assigned drivers. With this, the web admin can assign routes and manage deliveries more effectively and efficiently. A better management system will help hasten the process as well as keep tasks organised. Ultimately, providing an easier path to succeed and grow a business.

Benefits of Fixed Routes for Drivers

#1 More Convenient
You can help your drivers to select an assigned region that is convenient for the driver. The driver can selectively choose the designated places according to his comfort and pick up the parcels that are near him/her.

#2 Productivity
With flexible options, drivers will become more motivated to conduct the deliveries. We provide a plethora of variety for drivers to select the most suitable jobs. This creates a fresh, exciting, and interesting delivery experience for every driver.

#3 Reduce Cost
Drivers can focus on their assigned routes and deliveries can be completed more systematically. Drivers can save at least 25% on petrol and more deliveries can be done in a short period of time. By optimising the routes, you can effectively reduce the cost per driver.

#4 Increase Earnings
As the deliveries become increasingly convenient, the driver can select more job deliveries. Thus, clustering the jobs in a region and presenting it to the drivers will increase your earnings and expand delivery quotas.


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