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Your intelligent route planner learns your preferences and plan out the route for you

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Reduce planning time by 95%

No more paper and pen for planning. uRoute optimisation engine map search for thousands of possibilities and recommend you the best way forward.

uRoute provides a unique driver mobile app that offers route optimization for delivery drivers. The app considers the user's starting point, pickup locations, delivery destinations, delivery time and chosen transportation mode to create the best possible route.

Route optimization features help to reduce drivers planning time by 95% and increase business delivery efficiency.

uRoute is available on Apple Appstore and Google Playstore.


Reduce idle time

Maximise your time and vehicle running time. Don’t waste mileage by going to the wrong drop first.

uRoute can manage deliveries and optimize delivery locations based on delivery time, current location, and delivery destinations. This way drivers only need to focus on fulfilling delivery assignments. No planning is required, login to the app, click on optimize tab and follow the best route to delivery destinations.


Man and Machine Team

uRoute works for your business deliveries and drivers management – It allows the driver to be in command to enter break times, personal commitments, and your preferences to obtain the best route designed for your deliveries.

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