App Features

Web Admin Features

Electronic Proof Of Delivery

When a task is finished, you'll get a real-time POD with a signature and images.

Corporate Logo

The POD PDF file that is provided to your customers will include your company logo.

Track Drivers on Website

Track your driver’s current location.

Track On Website

Customers may track their deliveries on uRoute website via tracking link.

Instant Notifications

Get email updates on your delivery in real time — for both you and your customers.

Email Templates

Personalize your email alerts to match your company's image and branding

Import CSV / Excel

For Bulk Delivery, import your existing CSV/Excel file.

Unlimited Drivers

Add unlimited drivers to your fleet.

Region Assignment

Assign drivers to specific region so they can only view jobs according to your region.

Search & Filter

Your customer support representative will be able to quickly search and filter past jobs.

Open Jobs to uParcel

Open unassigned jobs to uParcel Platform. Only available for professional plan and above.

Swap Drivers

Swap jobs between drivers with a single click.

Favourite Address

Add your regular customers to your favourite list and retrieve them easily when adding jobs.

Export To CSV / Excel / PDF

For reporting purposes, export your PODs to CSV, Excel, or PDF file formats for any date period.

Adaptable To Your Requirements

From one to hundreds or thousands of jobs, you can keep track of them all. We're ready to grow alongside you.

API Integration

uRoute allows you to integrate your e-commerce platform via our API.

256-Bit SSL Encryption

Our app servers and your communication channels are both encrypted.

Test & Proven by Drivers Locally

We process many locations and jobs locally everyday.

FREE Forever on Starter Plan

Subscribe to our starter plan for FREE with basic features.

Map View

Track and manage jobs using real-time location from google maps


Monitor Deliveries and Driver’s performance such as no. of deliveries, late pickup/deliveries and reviews.

Calendar View

Monitor daily job status on Monthly Calendar view.


Send urgent messages to driver via web to in-app chat seamlessly.


Add last minute delivery remarks or instructions to delivery jobs on web admin for assigned drivers.

And Many More!

Mass update jobs, print barcode on POD, initial status, hide items, and many more!

App Features

Mobile App Features

Signature Capture

Signing on mobile is a simple way to capture a signature. Include the recipient's name as well.

Photo Proof Capture

Multiple visual proofs of arrival, setup, damaged items, and more can be captured.

Geotags & Timestamps

You can see where and when your drivers submitted PODs using geotags and timestamps.

Scan QR Codes

Scan QR codes to mark item as delivered.

Capture Extra Fields(Coming Soon)

Security feature to key in 4 digit PIN to ensure that the right delivery personnel collecting the item.

iOS / Android Compatible

There is no need for expensive gadget. With any iPhone or Android phone, you can start accepting jobs.

Very Simple To Use

Your driver can simply tap to deliver using this user-friendly uRoute app.

Put Your Logo on Display

Logo will be displayed on the WayBill.

Job Dispatch on the Go

Dispatch jobs to your drivers' smartphones in real time via a webform.

Push Notifications

Push notifications for Android and iOS provide real-time updates.

Delivery Instructions

Changes in delivery instructions can be sent to drivers quickly and easily through the mobile app.

Attachment Links

Every job should have a link to a URL or a remote document as an attachment.

Delivery & Collection

uRoute supports both pick-ups and deliveries (drop offs).

Route Optimizer

Our optimization technology recommends you the ideal route.

Swap Drivers

Swap the delivery to another driver for any last-minute changes easily.

Tap to Call/SMS/Whatsapp

If the driver requires assistance or confirmation, simply press a button to call/SMS the receiver.

Capture Milestones

Take note of important milestones, such as arrival locations/departure to delivery locations

Cash on Delivery

Collect cash from recipients for COD terms and make sure that the amount collected is entered correctly.

Custom Reasons

Choose from a list of non-delivery and item rejection reasons that you have created.

Driver's Notes

Record customer’s feedback or driver’s notes on the job order.

Reattempt Delivery

Re-attempt delivery jobs that were unsuccessful the first time or that were finished.

Job List in Cache

Even in locations where there is a poor or no 3G / 4G / mobile data connection, it works.

In-App Chat

Get in touch with web admin via in-app chat seamlessly.


Refer to last minute delivery remarks or instructions on delivery jobs details on mobile app from web admin.

And Many More!

Scan to search, view updated jobs, select from gallery, tap to text, and many more!

Vehicle tracking, administrative, and proof of delivery tools are all available in uRoute, and they're all designed to give your logistics team all the information they need to handle deliveries across all locations. Whether you simply deliver to local customers or send drivers hundreds of miles to accomplish a delivery, our app will help you keep track of where each vehicle is at any given time.

Full details of all the features included in Detrack can be found further down the page. If you don’t have time to check them out right now, below is a summary of those we feel will be of most interest to you and your organisation.

  • Comprehensive POD features – Proof of delivery features offered by Detrack include photos of deliveries as they are completed and customer signatures, which can be entered either on their own or your drivers’ smartphones.
  • Real-time vehicle tracking – Detrack enables you to track the precise location of every vehicle in your fleet, without the need to fit expensive tracking devices.
  • Instant, configurable notifications – You can set up the app to send email or SMS alerts in real time, notifying your staff and your customers as various stages of the delivery process are reached.
  • Searchable historical data – Customer enquiries can be answered quickly and efficiently, with historical data that can be filtered or searched according to your preferences.
  • Website tracking – Customers without a smartphone can use your website to monitor the status of their deliveries in real time.
  • Contactless delivery – Stay safe in these unusual times with contactless delivery functionality that includes proof of delivery features.

If you have any questions, please see our FAQs or feel free to call us for more information.

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