Multiple Fleet Management

Delivery Driver Management

Manage your fleet

Add sub drivers account to your main account. Manage routes for multiple drivers. Swap Driver seamlessly during unforeseen events to avoid delivery disruption. Assign drivers jobs based on their Region Assignments to minimize mileage wastage and fuel cost. Maximize their delivery job loads based on their assigned regions.

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Track Drivers

Track drivers on Map view and monitor jobs on Calendar View to ensure all deliveries are completed within the stipulated time. Customers will be able to track their deliveries on uRoute website via a tracking link.

With the uRoute tracking system, admins do not need to call the drivers to check up on them. Admin can view the drivers' location directly on the Map View. Remarks can be added to the job if there are any changes to the delivery job. Admin can also start chatting with the driver from the web and the driver can reply via in-app chat on the driver's app.


Increase the delivery loads

uRoute allows you to manage multiple deliveries and drivers at one time. You can upload a single job or bulk upload. By optimizing the deliveries, you can maximise the delivery load and increase the daily number of drops to increase profits according to the maximum weight limit of the vehicle based on region. This way you can increase profits at a lower running cost.


Man and Machine Team

uRoute is flexible, it allows you to assign deliveries to All Drivers, Specific Drivers, Region Assign Drivers or outsource to uParcel Drivers. This way it can help to suit your business delivery needs anytime and any day. You can remove, assign, and re-assign deliveries to drivers from Web Admin.

Swapping Drivers can be done with a single click. Managing and maximizing multiple fleets and deliveries can never be easier than this. 3PL logistics company with multiple fleets of drivers can benefit from uRoute.


Manage Deliveries

View jobs status and manage jobs from the dashboard and map view. Jobs can be monitored for each driver. You will be able to view the driver’s start date in the company. Monitor the no. of deliveries, no. of job cancellations, no. of late pickups and no. of late deliveries. Including reviews by customers under the Driver Summary.

You can have an overview of the status of the jobs on the calendar view and delivery jobs data based on regions filtered on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

This way you can review the delivery jobs and drivers’ performance from the dashboard. If required, you can share the jobs on uParcel marketplace to increase delivery efficiency when you lack manpower during the peak period.

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