Route Planning


Reduce planning time by 95%

No more paper and pen for planning. Digitalize your delivery orders and assign deliveries to drivers directly from the web admin.

Businesses like Florist or Nursery with their fleet of drivers can now save on printing delivery orders. The company admin can assign jobs from the Web admin to drivers based on regions and weight limits of the vehicle.

uRoute driver app is powered by AI Route Optimizer. It helps to optimize delivery without the need for the driver to plan their trip. uRoute will recommend the best route.

Route optimization features help to reduce drivers planning time by 95% and increase business delivery efficiency.

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Track Drivers

Live tracking to monitor the job status, job completion progress, driver location and individual driver performance. There is no need for calls to drivers to ensure their safety and focus on the road. By reducing planning and idling time with uRoute. Drivers can now be assigned more jobs to increase productivity and business profits at a lower running cost.


Increase the delivery loads

With the forecast of your delivery timings, you can maximise the delivery load and the daily number of drops to increase profits. Drivers do not need to do route planning. Jobs are all uploaded and assigned by the admin. With the route optimizer feature, drivers can focus on completing deliveries and do not have to worry about going to the wrong destination first. uRoute driver app will optimize the deliveries in order based on the driver's location, delivery time and driver's assigned region and will suggest the best route for your drivers.


Man and Machine Team

uRoute helps to fully optimize and maximize Drivers' time doing deliveries with the help of the uRoute system and AI powered Route Optimizer. It reduces the planning time for the admin to assign jobs manually to drivers. Once region assignments have been set to the fleet of drivers on the Web. The admin doesn't need to repeat the same step every time they assigned a new job to the drivers.

The drivers only need to login to the app, accept jobs or view jobs that have been specifically assigned and click on optimize tab to start delivery.


Multi-stops Route Planner

Make the most of every delivery run with our multi-stops route planner. Our route planning app will calculate how best to combine your deliveries into routes that optimize your efficiency - saving you time, fuel, and running costs. Drivers can access customer information on the go with a single tap.

Jobs can be swapped easily between drivers if the maximum capacity for the vehicle has been reached for each vehicle. If no drivers are available, you can outsource the delivery jobs to the uParcel marketplace to be completed fuss-free.

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