Seamless Navigation

Seamless Navigation

Our route optimization system map searches for thousands of options and recommends the most efficient route to the delivery destinations.


What is a Seamless Navigation?

Drivers will be able to move seamlessly according to the delivery addresses by following the path that was planned on uRoute. The web admin will upload the delivery orders manually and individually or use the bulk upload function to upload and assign multiple jobs to the driver. The uRoute driver app will then optimize the jobs and recommend the best routes to the driver based on the current location, the delivery time and the delivery addresses. The app will recognize the multi-stop route and optimize and arrange the job automatically on the app.

Benefits of Seamless Navigation

  • Based on your delivery points, uRoute will automatically determine the optimum route.
  • uRoute is here to help you. Have the freedom to alter your route based on personal or consumer needs at the last minute.
  • Route optimization and driver management system on uRoute help to create seamless and fast navigation for each deliveries.

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