Proof of Delivery

Proof of Delivery

To help both online and offline shoppers have peace of mind, uRoute provides all our delivery orders with Proof of Delivery (POD). We want to induce an environment where recipients can feel at ease and satisfied with their purchase experience. uRoute’s efficient system creates a sense of security and strong safety for customers when they receive what they have paid for. We ensure that the recipient’s parcels and details are kept confidential and protected. Hence, our POD will only be communicated to the sender and the receiver.

A POD can be described as a delivery receipt that customers sign as a form of acknowledgement upon receiving a parcel. Certainly, our POD is Digital and you can save a copy to keep a record of your deliveries.

The procedures are simple. Your delivery agent will collect a signature from the receiver with photos taken and submitted as POD. Our system will automatically capture and record the accurate date and time when a recipient received their package after the delivery agent sends in their POD.

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Benefits of Proof of Delivery

Benefits of POD

With uRoute’s POD, your business will have a good management system of deliveries. Your business can efficiently monitor and keep track of the drivers’ performance. The POD completes the chain of custody when the parcel is successfully delivered and handed over to the customers. From this, it signifies that your delivery agent has successfully completed delivery and you can better manage your manpower according to the performance of each agent.

Our POD can also protect business claims. In a situation where the recipient or the sender claims that the parcel was damaged during delivery, the POD acts as a compiling piece of evidence to deny it. It prevents your company from any accountability for damaged goods.

At uRoute, we want to ensure that the parcels get delivered on time. POD completes the purchase process and keeps customers assured of their purchase. Ultimately, we aim to protect the safety of both customers and our partners.

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