How Can Delivery Route Planner Software Reduce The Logistics Costs?

July, 13 2022

The rapid growth of e-commerce has resulted in a surge in demand for delivery services. This has created a big challenge for logistics companies, which must now find ways to deliver goods quickly and efficiently. One way to meet this challenge is to use delivery route planner software. This software can help reduce logistics costs by optimizing the delivery routes.

The cost of logistics is a major concern for businesses of all sizes. By using delivery route planner software, businesses can save money on fuel, labour, and other transportation costs. In this blog post, we'll explore how delivery route planner software can help businesses reduce their logistics costs.

Benefits of using Route Planner Software like uRoute:

  1. Reduce Planning Time by 95%
  2. Track Drivers
  3. Increase Delivery Loads
  4. Man, and Machine Time

Reduce Planning Time by 95%
Digitalize delivery orders and assign deliveries to drivers directly online. Companies can now save printing delivery orders. Admin can assign jobs from the web admin to drivers based on regions and weight limits of their vehicles. Driver app is powered with AI Route Optimizer which helps to optimize delivery route without the need for the driver to their trip. uRoute recommend the best route.

Track Drivers
Live tracking is available to monitor job status, job completion progress, driver location and individual driver performance. By reducing planning and idling time by using uRoute, drivers can now be assigned more jobs to increase productivity and business profits at a lower running cost.

Increase The Delivery Loads
With uRoute, you will be able to forecast delivery timings, this way companies are able to maximise the driver delivery load and the daily number of drops to increase business revenues. Drivers do not need to do route planning. Drivers can focus on completing deliveries and not worrying about going to the wrong destination first.

Man and Machine Time
uRoute helps to fully optimize and maximize driver’s time doing deliveries with the help of the uRoute system and AI powered Route Optimizer. Once region assignments have been set to the fleet of drivers on the web. Admin is not required to repeat the same settings when they assigned a new job to the drivers. The drivers will only need to login into the app, accept jobs or view jobs that have been specifically assigned and click on optimize to complete their deliveries.

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