uRoute is built on AI technology

Nov., 1 2021

uRoute offers AI powered route optimizer for drivers to user.

You may ask what it does? It is a service that we provide that allows helps drivers to

  1. reduce planning time by 95%.
  2. Reduce idle time
  3. Allow better integration to driver’s job.

uRoute AI optimizer searches for thousands of possible routes and recommend the best way to the destination. Not only that, but it also remembers drivers’ preferences such as home, endpoint and break time.

Drivers can choose to let the uroute application auto optimize for them or to manually sort jobs.

Uroute optimizer reduces idle time by maximizing vehicle running time so that drivers don’t waste mileage by going to the wrong drop off point.

Drivers can be in command to enter break times, personal commitments, and customer preferences to obtain the best route designed for you.

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