Sale of food items for home business part 2

Dec., 22 2021

Part 2 of sale of food items for home business. If you missed the first part, go read up on last week’s blog of the same name.

Home based business that sells foods are to comply with Singapore food agency’s regulation.

General guidelines are:

  • Comply with URA and DB’s home-based small-scale business scheme guidelines.
  • Ensure all food preparation areas are clean and hygienic.
  • Ensure no pets roam around food preparation area.
  • Food items are not to be sold to retail food establishment.
  • Strictly no catering services including food stations and stalls at events.
  • Apply for proper licence if you intend to prepare food for large number of clients.
  • Attend basic good hygiene course.


  • Wash hands with soap frequently throughout the preparation of food.
  • Wear face mask, Use gloves.
  • Don’t handle food items if you feel unwell.
  • Clean all equipment including refrigerator.
  • Practice good refuse management, Keep kitchen from pests.

Food safety:

  • Use fresh ingredients from trusted approved sources.
  • Clean and wash ingredients thoroughly.
  • Store food items in covered containers, Separate cooked and raw food.
  • Keep perishable food in the refrigerator until needed.
  • Thaw correct amount of food properly; do not cook too early. Do not refreeze.
  • Keep cooked food above 60 degrees Celsius and cold foods below 5 degrees Celsius.
  • Use separate gloves / equipment for different food types.

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