Tips on how to manage delivery

Nov., 8 2021

How to make full use of uroute delivery and collection management system, there are 3 things that you can do. But first you need a growth plan or higher in order to use the functions.

  1. Swap agents
  2. Print waybill
  3. Track agents.

You don’t have to do this for all delivery or collection jobs as there would be multiple ongoing jobs at the same time so it would be messy but if you are a small company and have a small fleet of drivers then this would be useful.

You can choose to swap out drivers if they cancel their job with valid reason so that delivery would not be affected.

Waybills can be printed for easier tracking of parcel.

You can also choose to track your drivers to view their location.

All of these can be done easily on the uRoute web portal.

For a more detailed explanation on usage, refer to the customer user guide pdf or contact us at

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