uParcel Receives Progressive Wage Mark from Singapore Business Federation

Sept., 12 2023

uParcel is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the Progressive Wage Mark by the Singapore Business Federation (SBF). This recognition is a testament to uParcel's unwavering dedication to excellence in its operations and commitment to enhancing the livelihoods of its employees. This recognition showcases uParcel's exceptional efforts in ensuring that its workers receive fair and progressive wages, thereby improving their overall quality of life.

The Progressive Wage Mark is an accreditation scheme to recognise eligible firms that pay progressive wages to lower-wage workers. It is administered by the Singapore Business Federation on behalf of the Tripartite Partners which initiated the PW Mark as part of a national effort to uplift the wages and well-being of lower-wage workers.

uParcel has a long-standing tradition of valuing its employees as the backbone of the company's success. In addition to its commitment to fair wages, uParcel also places a strong emphasis on workplace safety, ensuring that its employees have a secure and conducive environment to work in. The company's commitment to these principles aligns perfectly with the Progressive Wage's goals of improving wage levels, productivity, and career progression for low-wage workers in Singapore.

As uParcel continues to expand its operations and serve an ever-growing customer base, this recognition from the Singapore Business Federation further solidifies its position as a socially responsible and progressive employer. uParcel remains dedicated to its mission of delivering parcels with care while supporting the well-being and development of its valued employees.

The Progressive Wage Mark serves as a reminder of uParcel's continuous pursuit of excellence in all aspects of its business operations. Customers can be assured that their courier needs are being met by a company that not only delivers packages promptly but also upholds the highest standards of ethical employment practices.

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