Distributor of Fresh Meat and Produce Doubles Same Day Deliveries with uRoute

Our client is a large distributor of fresh and frozen meat, ready-to-cook chilled food items and fresh produce. The local company is an international importer and exporter of quality frozen meat such as pork, beef, lamb poultry and seafood. With a fleet of 12 cold trucks of around 700KG capacity each, their daily delivery operations consist of an operator planning the deliveries for the day, then dispatching their fleet to fulfil the deliveries. Their delivery locations included over 20 supermarket outlets in Singapore like NTUC FairPrice and Cold Storage, as well as other retail outlets and households who have placed orders via their e-commerce stores. This meant that over 300 deliveries had to be made – all within the same day.

Frozen Exporter Statistics uRoute

Delivery volume doubled with sales

Using uRoute, their same day deliveries doubled as their customer base increased from 1,200 to 2,000 within 3 months. Implementing uRoute was the catalyst for the surge in customers as the significant increase in optimization enabled the business to reinvest their savings to marketing operations and product development plans. After getting started with uRoute, their delivery efficiency also went up by up to 200% in the first month of setting up the delivery fleet management system.

We received their demo inquiry from their Operations Manager, Jerry who was tasked to improve his team’s delivery planning. Hence, he was seeking a solution that would not only be cost-effective but can also accommodate or improve their current system.

Luckily, Jerry came across uRoute on Google Search for Route Optimizer Software and decided to give us a try. Our sales team received his inquiry and made timely arrangements for a trip down to their central office for a product demo. As a newly developed product, we were happy to consider their team’s feedback and suggestions on how we could optimize our software to serve them better. We highly value our clients’ feedback and software developments are always underway to enhance the product and user experience.

We didn't use any routing software before uRoute and relied heavily on manual data entry on excel sheets for delivery planning which proved to be a huge setback to meeting revenue goals.” 

Plus, manually planning routes posed a high risk of inefficiencies and human error especially since their entire planning process had little to no automation. Jerry was worried about the costs incurred by these manual errors and needed a new route planning solution.

Bulk Excel Upload

After using uRoute for his team, Jerry found that their delivery operations improved in all aspects, from planning to management and even dispatching last-minute jobs to drivers.

Initially, Jerry was contemplating on onboarding a technical expert for their fleet management but now uRoute has presented itself as the perfect solution. Once they upload their excel sheet into the uRoute system, jobs are automatically assigned to the scheduled drivers based on set rules such as distance, location, region and capacity. Jobs are almost instantly assigned to drivers and optimized routes with the job information are automatically sent to each driver via the uRoute app. Planning that used to take almost an hour has turned into a 5-minute task.

Managing delivery jobs now a breeze

Now, Jerry has a birds-eye view to track drivers and monitor using the uRoute dashboard to ensure all deliveries are completed within the stipulated time. The real-time monitoring also lets Jerry immediately pinpoint deliveries that are running late so that he can call the drivers to check up on them. As our system automatically stores each delivery job in an organized tab, their customer service team is also able to facilitate customer inquiries easily by allowing them to filter and retrieve specific job records from uRoute or downloaded as an excel file.

We also customized branded emails, proof of delivery and waybills and a tracking link for their customers to track their deliveries on the uRoute website, allowing the business to provide better service to their customers.

By using uRoute, the business was able to scale their profits and they saw sales steadily rising. While their delivery volume increased, the increase in efficiency with the route optimizer increased their capacity, allowing them to deliver faster.

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