Food from the Heart’s 2-Month Utilization of uRoute Increases Capacity.

Food from the Heart (FFTH) is an IPC-status charity organisation that works with grassroot organisations and welfare homes to reach out to people in need of support. Their beneficiaries include low-income individuals and families living in both welfare homes and housing estates.

Daily deliveries to support those in need

Ever since the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the organisation has started distributing food items and care packages via door-to-door delivery to the beneficiaries’ homes, instead of collection points. These deliveries had to be made on daily basis, and FFTH was unable to cope with the rising demand of people requesting for assistance with their daily food needs.

With only a handful of in-house drivers at their disposal, the organisation decided to try out uRoute to optimize routes and manage their in-house drivers and volunteers to deliver the groceries more efficiently.

Every day, FFTH performs up to 500 deliveries, with the help of their driver fleet and various volunteers. Even when confronted with this delivery challenge, they were able to easily set up a management system with uRoute, thanks to the software’s robust and user-friendly design. Planning efficiency improved, despite overwhelming delivery volume and manpower constraints. With uRoute, FFTH’s small fleet was able to fit more delivery jobs into its schedules.

Outsourcing Deliveries to uParcel

Another added benefit of delivering was our integration to our own on-demand delivery platform – uParcel. Presenting a strong fleet of over 2,000 drivers, our own fleet of drivers are also using the same intelligent route optimizer to fulfil deliveries. FFTH outsource a delivery booking to uParcel directly in uRoute whenever they have insufficient capacity in their own fleet.

Excellent Customer Support

From the very beginning, uRoute gave the FFTH team an in-depth route planning demo and helped their team onboard the software quickly and easily. uRoute’s support team was committed to understanding what FFTH team’s routing and driver needs were. As a result, they could quickly demonstrate that uRoute was an excellent software for FFTH to leverage on. The dedicated customer support is another factor that enabled quick onboarding process. Our support staff always went the mile to make implementation as smooth and efficient as possible to help our customers make deployment a quick and painless one.

Before using uRoute, FFTH’s method of assigning delivery jobs promoted inefficiency, and was unsuitable for high delivery volumes as it was an old legacy system that did not have any AI capabilities. Based on uRoute’s routing system, our system bundles the deliveries and generates the most efficient pickup and delivery route for drivers in the app. Instead of taking down each job with pen and paper, now drivers can simply use the app to track their delivery progress and route the deliveries directly.

uRoute automatically creates the routes for our drivers, and there is no need for manual intervention. This minimizes our team’s daily time spent on manual data entry.”

With the implementation of uRoute system, FFTH was able to increase capacity by 70% by freeing up both the administrator and drivers’ time in planning and delivery respectively.

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