How One Home-based Bakery Increased Their Delivery Efficiency by 30%

Muhammad Ray, our client, is the owner of a humble home bakery business based in Singapore. Each day, they would receive orders from all corners of the island, which included restaurants, catering companies and housing estates.

Since our launch in 2022, they have been using uRoute to plan routes for their deliveries, managing a small fleet of 3 trucks. Ray shared with us that uRoute was the best choice in terms of route optimization solutions due to our competitive pricing, usability, features and overall customer service. We had a dedicated team of experts conducting live product demo and a committed support system for our customers – setting up an account with us was a breeze.

Increased Employee Efficiency

Ray saw that there were improvements across all aspects of his business in the first few months of using uRoute. He was able to cut down on planning time by more than 50% and increase employee efficiency.

With uRoute’s bulk upload excel function, Ray was able to easily upload his delivery jobs – estimated around 100 jobs a day, into our system and assign them to the individual driver accounts in just one click. Manual planning used to take him 2 hours, but with uRoute, planning never took any longer than half an hour.

Bulk Excel Upload

Sample excel bulk upload file from uRoute web

Plus, Ray can now spend more time in the kitchen preparing the pastries, drafting business development plans and less time on the road.

uRoute has made planning quicker and simpler, there’s a dashboard view for you to visualize all your deliveries in an instant, it’s way better compared to writing down each delivery on paper. Now there’s even automatically optimized routes so you don’t have to think all day about which delivery location to go first.”

Improved Customer Statistics

Improved Customer Feedback

With the uRoute intelligent routing assistant in hand, Ray noticed a 70% reduction in poor customer reviews and feedback, allowing their customer service and operations team to focus on more important tasks at hand. Inversely, they were garnering more loyal customers and positive feedback due to their timely order fulfilment.

We’re proud to be supporting small local businesses in Singapore and helping them grow their brand with a solid delivery system. Our software features highly customizable waybill labels, proof of delivery and email notifications, which can be branded with your company logo to help build brand recognition.

Are you running a small home business? Let us be your intelligent route optimizer!

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