Sustainable packing

Dec., 8 2021

According to CIMB research, online retail in Singapore is expected to roughly double by 2022 from 2017 figures. 

More people are taking to online stores to purchase their daily necessities and things that they want. These generate a lot of waste, mainly from packaging. Research has shown that in a parcel, at least 80% are non-product volume in other words, empty space. It is mainly occupied by air cushions and bubble wraps which are made of plastic. We all know that plastic is harmful to the environment as animals can mistake them for food and it causes pollution.

So what can business owners like you do?

The things that you can do are

  1. Reduce usage of bubble wraps and air cushion if possible.
  2. Use packaging materials that are environmentally sustainable. Materials that are easily recyclable and reusable.
  3. Use correct size of packaging material. Such as packing small items in medium to large boxes.
  4. Pack items together in one box if possible. (Only if the items are not food item, contains liquid, fragile and those with hazardous stickers (e.g., UN3481))

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