Why Top Healthcare Companies Are Using uRoute to Manage Their Deliveries


There has been an increasing demand for medicine delivery in Singapore since the emergence of COVID-19. In Singapore, home medicine delivery has become more popular as the population grows more tech-savvy. With the rising trend of telemedicine consultations, clinics with in-house drivers or their own fleet of freelance drivers have sought our software out to meet fulfilment demands more efficiently.

Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies use uRoute to get their life-saving medication delivered to patients faster – which is especially critical for patients with disabilities who are unable to make the trip down to pharmacies and clinics conveniently.


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Accurate real-time GPS tracking and monitoring


Considering the regulations surrounding medicine deliveries, it is important for healthcare companies to manage and track their deliveries closely using GPS. This is where uRoute comes in with its driver app. Using location tracking on mobile phone devices, our feature can record driver locations and routes in real-time. At any point in time, the admin will be able to see the exact GPS coordinates of any individual driver. This would give the companies a peace of mind to account for any lost parcels.

As uRoute’s tracking app leverages on the capabilities of precise location GPS tracking, there are added benefits like real-time delivery notifications which can be instantly sent to your customers via email or SMS. Utilising the SMS alert add-on feature will allow customers to know exactly when their deliveries are arriving so that any prior instructions by the customer can be given, and they can be prepared to receive the delivery quicker. Ultimately, this saves your drivers’ time allowing them to continue delivering at higher efficiencies.


Seamless delivery management


uRoute also features proof of delivery and verification tools such as our Digital P.O.D. and Signature which enables the driver to take photos of the delivery location and endorse the recipient’s signature on the smartphone screen. Drivers will never need to carry around pen and loose paper which can be easily lost, just to track the customer signatures. Moreover, these digital PODs are automatically sorted and organized in our system for the web admin. Companies can now track down each delivery to its specific driver, the route taken and the customer’s confirmation. These records can also be easily filtered and downloaded in csv. for internal use.

Despite the Covid-19 crisis and spike in demand for medical supplies, healthcare companies that have started using uRoute can now efficiently manage their delivery demand. Now that the storm has calmed, these companies have better control over their delivery fleet and job management than ever.




uRoute can also support your healthcare business in staying responsive and flexible in times of unpredictable situations. If you’re looking to enhance your healthcare delivery operations, get started with your intelligent route assistant!



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